Surprise Updated Final Draft Proposed Sign Ordinance and Meeting Schedule

The City of Surprise, @AZSurprise, has released the final draft of the proposed sign ordinance.

Members of WeMAR gave valuable input to the Planning and Zoning Commission and to the City Council regarding temporary signage and the impact on property owners and businesses due to the February 2017 Council Action.

Because WeMAR members wrote letters, emailed and spoke at public meetings, a new temporary sign ordinance was passed on September 5, 2017. Among other provisions, the temporary sign ordinance allows agents and property owners to post open house directional signs at each location a turn is required within the neighborhood in order to arrive at the open house efficiently. In addition, access to the public right of way is given in order to post a directional from the main access street/s into the neighborhood. Industry standard A-frame sign sizes are written into the code assuring REALTORS® their signage is acceptable.

The City is now in the last stages of finalizing both the temporary sign ordinance and the full sign ordinance. WeMAR encourages you to read the proposed sign ordinance, the temporary sign code, and the alternatives proposed by staff.

Overall, the City of Surprise has incorporated several changes suggested by WeMAR and its members. Please read the two alternative proposals for sections 113-09 A2 and 113-09 A3. WeMAR prefers Alternative #2 of Section 113-09 A2. We are working on language suggestions for Section 113-09 A3 combining the best of both alternatives.

Alternative #1 of Section 113-09 A2
Alternative #2 of Section 113-09 A2
Alternative #1 of Section 113-09 A3
Alternative #2 of Section 113-09 A3

Please send your input to me at or call me at 623-931-9294. These two sections concern open house signs.

The City of Surprise is asking for your input on how the current temporary sign ordinance is working and any suggested changes you may have to make it better. Please send your comments to Liz Recchia – WeMAR Government Affairs Director, email them directly to the City of Surprise, or attend the public meetings. All comments should be submitted no later than 3pm Jan. 4th.

This is the last opportunity we will have to suggest changes to the code before final acceptance, so please help us with your input.

Public Meetings: 2018

January 4      P&Z Commission                      6pm at City Hall Council Chambers
January 16     City Council work session      4pm at City Hall Council Chambers
January 18     P&Z Commission                     6pm at City Hall Council Chambers
February 6     City Council Meeting               6pm at City Hall Council Chambers