Surprise “Temporary” Temporary Sign Ordinance Effective Oct. 5, 2017 – “Beta Test” & Update

October 5th the @AZSurprise City of Surprise Planning and Zoning Commission reviewed recent updates City Staff has made to some sections of the proposed sign ordinance. One of the sections had to do with temporary signage such as open house and garage sale signs.

On September 5, 2017, the City Council approved implementation of the proposed temporary sign ordinance on a temporary basis as a test to see what, if any, issues may need to be addressed before the temporary signage portion of the sign ordinance is finalized.

WeMAR had identified a few issues with the proposed temporary sign ordinance and related those concerns to City Staff and City Council. At the October 5th P&Z meeting, WeMAR was represented by Kathy Basque, Assistant to WeMAR Director of Government Affairs. After thanking the City Staff and Commission for their work and consideration of WeMAR and other stakeholder input, Kathy reiterated WeMAR’s concern for the designated size of A-Frame signage described in the temporary sign ordinance.

Eric Fitzer, Director of Community Development and Robert Kuhfuss, Planner II both confirmed real estate industry standard A-Frame signage frames are within the approved dimensions for signage. They further confirmed the sign size is what will be limited to no larger than 24” x 24”, not the frame. Mr. Kuhfuss has indicated the City will update the illustration in the temporary sign ordinance so that it is clear to code enforcement officers, residents and real estate agents the regulation is specific to the sign size, not the frame.

Agents and property owners should become familiar with the “temporary” temporary sign ordinance now in effect. The City is looking for feedback, please let Liz Recchia ( know if you have input. Here are some highlights of the new ordinance:

  • A-Frame signs are allowed in front of businesses
  • A-Frame signs are allowed for open houses
  • Temporary directional signs may be placed at each place a turn in required in order to direct traffic efficiently to the property
  • Temporary directional signage may use the public right of way surrounding a subdivision in order to direct traffic at the closest arterial road to the entrance
  • Agents need to not place signage in the visual triangle
  • Brokerage or agent responsible for placing the sign must be identified along with contact information such as a phone number. This may be accomplished in several ways:
    • Sign rider with agent or broker name and contact number
    • Sticker located on the sign with agent or broker name and phone number
    • Main sign inside the A-Frame with agent or broker name and phone number

You may read the new temporary sign ordinance here.

Or go to the City of Surprise to read the new temporary sign ordinance and the proposed updated sign ordinance.