Maricopa County Sign Ordinance

Mario Recchia

Agents, property owners and businesses in @maricopacounty may be looking for sign ordinance information.

The Maricopa County Zoning Ordinance contains the Sign Ordinance. Agents, businesses and property owner should be aware, the County does have a sign ordinance. The last few pages of Section 14 contains a chart to help you figure out what is required.

Questions? We suggest you call or email the County Supervisor for the area the property is located within.

In 2018, WeMAR will be encouraging cities and the County to consolidate their sign ordinances into one section of the city code so property owners, real estate agents and businesses can easily determine what is required.

We will also be asking some Cities to consider changes to their sign ordinance so that residents and businesses can enjoy adequate, visible and legible signage. A by-product of adequate, visible and legible signage is less sign clutter. When signage is adequate to the task, visible and legible, fewer temporary signs are required and those conducting an event or business will be able to direct traffic in an efficient manner.

If you would like to join the County Sign Ordinance Task Force, please email or call me or my assistant, Kathy Basque.

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