Changes Coming to WeMAR Government Affairs in 2018

No more Government Affairs Committee!

That is just one of the changes coming in 2018. @wemargad We have re-thought committees, our interactions with local governments, other businesses and property owners. And we have thought of you, our member.

Several of you would like to be more involved in impacting and influencing local government when ordinances and policies endanger property rights and your business, but you are busy running your business and serving your clients well. Mandatory monthly meetings are just not in the cards.

What if you could participate to the level you choose, when you choose, the way you choose? Now you can!

Be a voice that helps shape good public policy.

The Government Affairs Advisory Council will start in January 2018. Only 4 meetings a year, you choose to attend. Government Affairs will be a web of city teams, task forces and workgroups.

Task Forces, Workgroups & City Teams

Task Forces are designed to be short term, task oriented groups whose purpose is to identify, discuss and suggest solutions to a specific issue. This group interaction will primarily be by email. Because the group is specific and issue oriented, when the task is complete, the task force will be disbanded. The goal is maximum impact with limited time requirements. My guess is you have already thought about task force issues, but didn’t know who to voice your concerns or ideas to, now you have an avenue. Task Force information, input and ideas will serve as the backbone for WeMAR Government Affairs advocacy efforts.

Workgroups will be small groups of members with a passion for a specific topic or issue requiring ongoing or longer periods of attention, strategy or decision making. These groups will meet occasionally in person while working on the issue and making decisions.

City Teams will consist of members who wish to be a conduit for information about a city to the WeMAR Government Affairs Director. Members may live or work in a city and may be a member of more than one City Team. The time you contribute is 100% up to you.

Let us know about City goings on you learn about by reading a local paper, talking to other business owners, talking to your clients, fellow church members or other private organizations, reviewing City Council meeting agendas, attending City sponsored events and meetings, or almost any interaction you have in your community. We are interested in knowing about anything affecting personal property rights, conducting business or the real estate industry.

Cities come to us asking for information and advice on policy prior to implementation.
City Team members will be asked to respond to surveys when cities ask us for input.

Be a voice that helps shape good public policy.

Join us for our first Government Affairs Advisory Council meeting – January 30, 2018, 10am-1pm.

Sign up for a Task Force, City Team or Workgroup. Email Liz Recchia ( or Kathy Basque (